Mom's Calendarity Grocery Assistant

Your handy assistant for helping you to achieve sustainable, and beneficial grocery buying habits, in as little as 15 minutes a week!

If you answered NO to any of these questions, the Mom’s Calendarity ™ Grocery Assistant can help you!


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“The grocery assistant printable pack has everything I need to truly keep track of my grocery budget and get the best prices available. The instructions are so comprehensive and easy to use, everyone can take their grocery planning to the next level. I have always made a grocery list and budgeted but this grocery assistant with the “price per unit” and store I bought from on my list, allows me to really take my budgeting to new heights.”

-Jeanine DeDiana

Hey there, friend! 👋

I know what’s like to be feeling like your grocery budget is always getting higher and higher. But the good news is…that doesn’t have to be you!

I get it, I was there once. As a Mom, and our families personal grocery shopper, I can relate to feeling like there has to be an easier way to manage how much we spend on food. Throwing things randomly into the cart (or online cart), not paying any attention to costs because; you have to eat right… but then at the same time wondering if there is an easy way to control some costs…


You deserve better…

The Mom’s Calendarity Grocery Assistant can help you track the best price per unit for all your grocery/household needs. Leaving you with more money in your budget, and less headache at the grocery store.

I’ve got you covered. Are you ready to get started?

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With the Grocery Assistant, you will...

By using The Mom's Calendarity™ Grocery Assistant, you'll learn EXACTLY how to shop smarter, and get sustainable results with my easy to use methods.

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No more feeling frustrated by how much groceries are costing. Start to feel CONFIDENT that you are making SMART purchases, so you can cut the guilt and worry! 

What is included


This Google Sheets Spreadsheet contains everything you need for tracking your grocery and household purchases. In a neat, mobile responsive package that can be used on the GO, and viewed/edited by your spouse and yourself.

  • Google Sheets Spreadsheet can be downloaded and used in Microsoft Excel format, or apple pages
  • VIEW/EDIT on your mobile phone with the Google Sheets App for easy budget management while AT the grocery store or on the GO
  • OVER 16 pages of fully editable spreadsheet tabs for every category of purchases you make
  • Built in formula’s make the price calculations DONE FOR YOU, and easy to change to a different unit of measuremen
  • Simple formatting enhancements built in to make this spreadsheet easy to view and edit on ANY DEVICE; Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile
  • Over 20 minutes worth of instructional videos broke down by category; accessible for FREE at any time you need help.


PREFER PAPER?  I got you covered! The Mom’s Calendarity Printable Grocery Assistant is a 42 page PDF document containing all the resources you need to get started tracking your grocery prices. For anyone that loves filling things in by hand!

  • 36 tracker categories
  • Detailed instructional pages
  • Print as many tracker pages as you want for your families needs. Only print the pages containing the categories that YOU want to track. Whether that is 5, or all 36!
  • Hang on a clipboard, or on your fridge for easy referencing!
  • Sections for products – 3 stores you shop at regularly for each product – size – price- price per unit

Simply fill in the SIZE, PRICE, & PRICE PER UNIT sections with pencil for easy updating when you come across a better price

I love to store my Grocery Assistant in my pantry, for easy referencing while I am making my grocery list for the week!

But, I have tried to stay on budget with my groceries before by meal planning and shopping the sales and it hasn't worked!

Well that's okay, because


Mom’s Calendarity™ Grocery Assistant Printable PDF containing 42 total pages of content.

  • Detailed Instructions for use and ideas for how to get the most out of this assistant.
  • Printing Instructions
  • 36 pages of printable grocery price tracking templates with categories to suit every household and grocery need. Keeping you organized and allowing for easy reference

You will receive a delivery PDF in your email, containing basic instructions and a download link for making a copy of this document in Google Sheets.

You can then download the document to be used in the (.xlxs) version in Microsoft Excel if you prefer. 

Once in the document you have 

  • A full tab of instructions – including links to MANY 5 minute videos broken down by different categories. Making it easy to learn exactly how to use, and personalize your spreadsheet. Watch as many, or as few of the videos as you need at a time. 
  • 16 fully editable and customizable spreadsheet tabs – containing formatting and formulas to get you up and running (tracking those prices) immediately!
  • Duplicate as many tabs as you need to create the perfect categories for your families grocery/household needs
  • MOBILE RESPONSIVE Fully Editable Sections within each tab which further organizes each category of tracking, and makes this sheet extremely easy to EDIT or VIEW from ANY DEVICE

Both these files are instant digital downloads. After purchase an email is sent to your inbox containing the ‘delivery PDF.’  Within the delivery PDF are all your files, instructions, and further help and information to allow you the best use of all these great resources. 

Because saving money on your groceries doesn’t have to be complicated and require hours and hours of planning, endlessly checking sale flyers and planning your trips to a T.

Simply put – the more you use this price tracker, the more you will actually start to remember what good prices are for your commonly bought items. Making it easier and easier to save $ every time you visit the store. 

But, in the meantime. Having a pretty, and simple to use template that you can fill in with ‘price per unit’ is the best way to become familiar with the best deals on your favourite household/grocery items. 

You can see results immediately! From either the physical or digital version

  • It’s an instant download, meaning if you’re about to go get groceries today, you can use it TODAY!
  • It only takes a few minutes as your putting groceries away to enter in the information for your favourite items.
  • You don’t need to track EVERY single little item you have ever bought. The point is to start making SMARTER $ PRICE choices on the items you buy ALL THE TIME. Because that’s where the real cost savings will show up

It is very easy to use, thanks to it’s simple design that only wants the essential information. Full instructions are included in the products itself. But in essence

  • You record the prices for your most commonly bought groceries and household items. By doing a quick calculation based off the size you bought, you can see the price per unit you paid. 
  • Then next time you buy that item you will try to hold off on buying it unless you can get the same price per unit or BETTER. 
  • If the price is MUCH better, you can then decide if you have the flexibility in your budget for that week/month to buy ‘one for now, one/two for later’ 

It’s sort of like a fun little game 😉

Hi, my name is Amy

I too, used to buy groceries for my family based off what was on sale at the store I ended up at. Living in the country with infrequent grocery  trips, I have always liked to have lots of pantry items on hand. 

So, much like you I was always stocking up on things advertised to be ‘on sale,’ without paying any attention to the actual per unit price I was actually paying.

Until I started paying attention…and WOW. 

That is why I can help YOU start to free up room in your grocery budget every month. Because I am one step ahead of where you are right now, and have created a way to QUICKLY & EASILY track price per unit of your families most frequently bought items. All in a way that is beautiful and sleek enough, that you won’t be embarrassed to show your friends your newest budgeting assistant.

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Mom’s Calendarity™ Grocery Assistant Printable Price Tracker Templates

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Get the flexibility of using either one of them or both at the same time. 

Not sure yet? At least don’t leave empty handed!

Try out our FREE Printable Preview, and get started increasing your grocery savings today!

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Start saving money on your grocery trips instantly with my Free Grocery Assistant Preview. BONUS Printable Recipe Card!